Once Upon a Fear

Tue, 07/18/2017 - 22:52 -- mselzer

Once upon a time I sat locked in a palace cage;

I feared the powers I had and how they could rage.

Nearly killing my dearest friend,

I sought my power's end,

But my powers only increased with my growing age.


My joy used to be felt through snowmen and ice,

But my greatest joy became a bitter vice.

An accidental hit, a fading light

A young girl with hair turned white

My sister's near death was too high of a price.


The trolls wiped her memory and fixed her health;

I was hidden away and moved only in stealth

No more snowmen who want warm hugs

No more playtime or hot chocolate mugs

And my fear of myself became my greatest wealth.


Ages flew by, caged in my own suffocating fear

I no longer had anything I held too dear

My parents left promising return

But they came back in an urn

I couldn't come out, so I hid for another two years.


Two years came, two years left, and I am to be queen

Today I'm forced out of comfortable routine

I must conceal

I cannot feel

Why do I have to go through these ceremonies?




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