Once Upon an American Dream

Once Upon a Time

In a castle on a hill

Lived a princess of nursery rhyme

Who changed her life with an iron will


Cinderella a classic story

A cinematic hoot

From Grimm her tale is gory

Yet, in reality, she gave her dear prince the boot


The fairytale ends

And although the prince was Charming

Cinderella's story truly begins

After the prince's death, which was rather alarming 


Cinderella's true motive for the crown is disguised in animation

A girl is much more than her clothing or her glamour

A fairytale love was a cover-up sensation

Looking deeper has shown that she was after the power


Cinderella, a poor victim of childhood abuse

Dreamed of justice, demanded change, delegated laws

Put her newfound royal powers to use

With perserverance it was assured that she, nor any other child, would fall victim to Lucifer's claws


While makeovers and romance is all well and good

The forgotten pages on intellect and cunning

Allow for a fowler mood

Because Cindy's girl power is much more stunning


Fairytales are fun to beleive in

Wish upon a star

But remembember that what lies within 

Will take you just as far.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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