Once More

"Once more," they asked me.

They asked with those simple words. 

"Once more," they said again.

The words climbed up my throat,

but never left.

Their greedy mental hands pushed and pulled,

struck left and right.

It started to burn,



My head spun as I took a step back,

anger, sadness, frustration, and madness 

they rose up my throat

with those first words.

But this time

they gave me power.

"No!" I yelled.

"NO!" I stated, "NEVER AGAIN!" 

Though I had only said three words.

They gave me power.

Power to tell the there will be no "Once More". 





This poem is about: 



This should be about me overcoming something big or great but in fact, it's a very simple problem; saying no. I think this is a problem some people may have, especially if you can have a semblance of being a pushover like me. Though this problem can come with a number of other problems; anxiety being one of them. A very common problem for people to go through, whether it be one day or their whole life. My goal was to show how one word can control someone's whole mind. 

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