Once more

O dear rain when will you fall

And let me hear the


The echoes of your pitter patter,

The dancing of your clear crystal beauty;


Come back to this dry season

And let me see the fields


Bloom with vibrant sparks

Bloom with the steady heart


Of that old withered tree

It’s steady beat growing


Have it flourish under your

Enchanting drum beat;

And breathe Life through its limbs

Once again.


My heart yearns for your

Refreshing showers

And cold kisses all the more;

Your healing powers

Gently lure

All to its finest hour


Do not make me bid ado

To this new majestic world,

It has had so few

Chances to unfurl

To me its secrets unknown

So if you be on your way

Know that I will mourn your absence

But I know


That you will come back to this lonely

Desolate place if not,

Once more


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