Once it's Gone


It comes quickly

Like a wave kissing the shore with its salty taste

Retreating slowly before it comes again

It's a feeling, a vibration

Like adrenaline

The heart moving faster

Renewing through the body repeatedly

Like a memory

One that comes with a smile

To be played over and over

In the mind

It's an annoyance

Once it's gone

Like something you're not sure you hate

Like rain

It's a blessing

Like something you can't go without

It's that feeling

It comes with movement

With dance

With turning and leaping

And feeling the rush of blood

That makes you feel alive

Once it's gone

It's a shadow

A pit of despair

Something to shrug off

Tears that fall

It comes quickly

Like fog creeping through a city

And it leaves without formality

As a distant memory




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