i'm searching for a word, i know not how to say

i'm searching the imaginary, to bring to reality

waiting for a moment, with no concept of time

breaking bread with the dead, sharing in their wine


to toast to the future, however that may be

thankeful for the present, in all its eternity

petitions of the past, in all their rivalry


waiting in that moment, where it is all that is

dripping through a quantum facet

like water down a cosmic sieve

questioning my existence

praying to gods of hate, of love

finding that what grows below

is all part of what starts above


through the energy, beyond prismed land

where youth no longer age, endlessly at hand

birth a birthright, death, an old forgotten friend


could such an instant exist, glorious in all its shade

could such a concious leap be had, heaven to be made

would the hive be ready, to unite, al there, in there of

cast aside its fear of shadow, brightened by the light of love

This poem is about: 
Our world


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