Old soul


You're 14 with a mind and maturity as an ancient soul,
Tell me why and when you became this old?

Here give me your hand,

I can hold it and hear the story too taboo to be told.

Tell me when you crumbled and completely unfold,

Tell me when you felt your skin freeze and bones become cold.

I want to know when your heart felt complete and when it punctured a hole:

Did it leak out your memories?
or did it leak out the feeling of being home?

How is it now?

Are you feeling alone?

Is it true with a mind and maturity of an old soul your heart does become stone?

Describe to me how it feels,
To finally convince yourself to let go,

Did you catch yourself yet?
Do you want to keep falling? 
Or do you want to wait for your safety net?

Tell me how it feels to not love yourself at all.

I want you to tell me everything,

I don't want you to hesitate or stall.

Give me every detail,
Even if its a tear jerker or a drop of the jaw.

Cause at the end of the day
I know you're going to put me on hold,

And hang up on this life call.


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