Oil and Water

They're like oil and water,

unable to combine.

But still everything

would be just fine.




One girl is a narcissist,

One girl thinks silence is best.

One girl tries to be friends,

One girl just wants it to end.


And then there's me.

I'm in the middle,

Not sure who to be,

and trying to smooth the way.


I listen to one girl

complain about the world.

I just listen to her

complain about the other girl.


And the other girl never says a word,

because silence is best.

She doesn't want to complain,

or be like the rest.


And I wonder how long it will be,

before the girls fight again.

Because one girl is a narcissist,

and the other thinks that silence is best.


Water and oil,

not able to combine,

And everything would

be just fine.......except.



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