Why oh Dark Angel do you put me in chains? 
why do you want to give me all your pains? 
Why do you love to see me cry? 
Oh, please tell me ''WHY.''
In the night I do cry out in so much pains
don't anyone care? 
Why is life so unfair 
Don't you hear my chains shackle in the nights? 
Oh ''WHY, '' do you like to see me cry? 
In my soul I hold the truth to what I know 
In my eyes I see the Visions of Life 
some don't think that is right in their own eyes, 
But when it comes face to face 
my own haters can see I am telling the Truth, 
Dark Angel backed me up in between 
a cold wall of pains and rains 
and a love that never came 
His old agony words eat deep within my soul 
a damped room he keeps me in 
he caged me up like a lion 
I remain in a darken place 
a place of darken dreams that makes one scream 
but within in time of Dark Angels lies 
I became numb in despair
the chill engulfs deep within my veins
holding on too so much pains
Dark Angel only knows his own games
he hold shadows of dark notion 
that holds lies and angers that drat the minds
eloquence of darkness casting away truth of love, 
that makes the hearts ache 
it levels a pain so deep crushes out the free
that leaves the soul to weep
with a doomed faith that leads to hate
Pain's invention, admonish of true love, 
darkness preys behind my own eyes 
Now I see what it is I never wanted to be
I feel the cuts deep into my gut
I can feel the emptiness running deep within my soul
oh how this darkness is making me almost lose control.
I almost felt I will never be free 
Dark Angel ''WHY, '' do you want to hurt me? 


Poetic Judy Emery © 1986


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