Oh What a Beautiful World


United States
42° 29' 55.2192" N, 83° 14' 23.6184" W

Illuminating rays tickle her face
the world is shrouded in darkness
except for this Place.

Here there’s no fear
no Worry.
no Strife.
How she wished to live here
the rest of her life.

Secure in the light
Its warmth on her face
her Mind travels out
in-to the Dark Space

In The Dark
Where colors, smells, shapes, and
can be Blended, Twisted, Molded
into any scene

even into something…beautiful
but it’s Not. beautiful that is.

Its jagged words and rough expressions
Its icy Throbbing and hot Pain.

The light is the Only place
she can protect herself
As the darkness is as erratic as nature itself,

but it’s Not.
natural that is.

It’s a stew of perverse meanings & dirty looks
Spoiled stances & warped sanities

Its coppery reds and purplish blues
Confusion in all colors, all shades, all hues
Crystal clear stars against an ebony sky
oh why mommy must you Cry?

Crimson red roses
drip from her lips
As another plum moon rises
just under her chin

Mommy hits Daddy
Daddy hits back
tone, tempo, and inflection
all go on attack

That’s why they fight
That’s the reason
They SCREAM at each other with all their might.

Can you see it?
Because that’s what there is
for a child of violence
and the many colors of a shamed silence

What can you do as a meek child?
Except close your eyes and hope
This time
They’re quiet

To get away from the darkness
You close your eyes tight
To get away from the darkness
You go to the light

Illuminated rays tickled her face
the world was shrouded in darkness
except for that Place.


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