Oh! So.. you hate me?


An awful, six billion ton'd word..

You can feel it build like a crescendo in an orchestra in seconds...

You can hear it crash through walls no matter how deaf..

You can see it pierce through a black-shadowed heart no matter how blind..

and then you can feel it rip us all apart, all of man-kind..

That ogre-resembling hate..

We look at each other, and from that one encounter..

Its either Love or Hate..

& did you know most times it's that hate that sits on the purple, plump, pillow-cushioned pedestal?

Hate sits there shadowing the world & enters our hearts..

Ask me why you hate her..

Well... and you ramble on with no valid explanation..

That adultery-resembling hate..

If I had the power to zap its existence....

I would.


because she does nothing for our hearts..

she does nothing for the soul..

she damages our eyes..

and clouds our thoughts..

she blinds us to reality

and forces our mouths shut!

she binds us together..

and fight because we feel that we must..

for causes irrelevant and disdain..

Gangs and Wars..

that's her stage..

& we watch, cry then toss in fear..

but if she were gone.. 

no such questions would arise like the heap of flies on rigid carcass..

He would no longer look in the mirror and swell with pain & disgrace..

She will no longer split the big thick veins in her chest..

He will no longer feel the need to steal to please..

And those girls won't look at her and have her say..

Oh! So.. you hate me? 



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