Oh no

Oh no


Face down again on the floor .

Oh no

Getting the dry heaves under control .

Oh no 

Why don’t we get it started again ?

Let’s not 


Well it’s noon now ....

I’ve got rolled onto my side .

Fetal position .... know it well.

A particular hell .


Door Dash delivers booze..

Can’t afford the cruise .

Nothing to care about .

Nobody comes when I shout .


Leave it at the door .

I’ll text again ... when I need more .

This ships too far from the shore . 

Does 200 bucks rent a whore ?


Irish takes off the edge .

Marinate a steak in the beer .

Numbness is getting near .

Check the texts ... figure out


What damage did I wreak ?

Is it over ?

Can I use a tweak ?

Truth is something I won’t seek .

This poem is about: 
Our world



#aa #drunk # regret

I haven't had this happen in a bit #fatherhood made some changes .

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