Oh How I Love Thee


Day 3 of my waiting.

Yesterday was two days.
Sunday was day one.

Saturday morning I had failed.

I'm starting over and I'm on day three.
Oh how difficult this is going to be.

I want to give in to my desire,

But the devil is a liar.

My God tells us the truth.

Patience is a virtue.

Waiting will have no consequences.

It will be difficult, that I am sure.

But I believe that God will bless our relationship if we do.

I have no doubt of that, tis true.

Oh how I love thee.
I can't wait to be with thee.

When the time comes.

Not a moment sooner.

I will wait for thee.

I promise, my love.

Oh beloved.

How beautiful that night will be.

But my love, until that night,

I will not give in,

Withholding that desire

I promise thee.


Oh how I love thee.


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