Oh, Darling, Honey Dear

Oh, Darling, honey dear

I will hold you near

It’s quiet underneath the moon

Let’s stay here until noon


Darling, honey dear

Leave me all yours fears

All you’ve got swirling ‘round

In locked up thoughts to which you’re bound


Sting you, I will not

Won’t make you woe bee-gone

Won’t break apart your honey hive

Won’t take from you and claim as mine


Sting you, I’d- Never dare!

Won’t get tangled in your hair

Never drown you in my pride

No, I’ll always bee there by your side


And, oh, if your heart is breaking

Oh, my dearest, stop your shaking

They might have stung you in the heart

They might have torn your wings apart

But now they’re gone, so just restart


Sting you, yes they did

Of them, let’s be rid

Cry your eyes out on me

I’ll soak ‘em up, ‘till you can see

It’s better

When your better


Oh, Darling, honey dear

I’ll never disappear

Keep you and me up in my brain

Oh, dear, your thought drives me insane


Darling, honey dear

We only met this year

But I’ve told you nearly everything

But no demands, nor leveraging


And oh, I trust you trust me

Enough to say that you’d agree

That here and now and far away in ticking spirographs that sway

Spinning in a dizzy daydream, drifting down a tender stream


Oh, Darling, dearest, honey love

Coated in gold, and shines thereof

With hair all combed, and speaking of

Your dress is lovely too


But how can I ever say

In any sort of array

The words to which your beauty speaks, both in and out...wards

I cannot do so.


Oh, Darling, honey dear

Will you hold me near?

I’ve done so much, yet it’s plain to see

Our time together is all I need.


For what you’ve done, you’ve rescued me

If not for you I’d only be a bee

Who’s lonely… Who’s lonely…

But I’m not lonely… anymo-ore!


Oh, Darling, honey dear

We will persevere

Enraptured as I am with you

We’re fighting bees, and just the two


We will learn to fly

High up in the sky

We’ll swoop and swerve around the dew

A sip for me, a sip for you


We’ll darn up all our clothes

Those old wounds, we will close

The tatters they had left to rot

We’ll prove them wrong with all we’ve got


Oh, Darling, honey dear

The future’s so unclear, but

We’ll float in sugar bubbles ‘till they pop

In hearts and minds, we’ll never stop


We’ll float in sugar bubble ‘till they pop

In hearts and minds, we’ll never stop

In hearts and minds, we’ll never stop…


Oh, sweetest, Darling, dear...

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