oh child

oh sweet child;

you don't deserve this

to see the cold, hard metal pointed at you

to see your friends taken away in a black bag

to not have time enough for your hot tears to dry on your cheeks

before you're being courted away to be questioned

you're told you're lucky

lucky that you're not one of the others

you don't feel lucky

you feel as if you died alongside the ones who didn't make it

as if your soul traveled to the next life with them

oh darling child;

you can't forget that day

can't erase it from your mind

everyone offers their prayers and moves on


you don't want prayers; you want action

you can't move on

oh scared child;

you scream and shout for change

but the adults all cover their ears

avoid the issue

call him lone wolf; troubled child

but you know what he really is

you know what it's going to take

so you scream and shout louder

hoping they'll finally hear you

This poem is about: 
My country


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