Oh America!

Let’s all make America great again

Disparity in the faces of millions bow in shame

The red, white, blue flag contains holes which freedom can’t transcend


A nation of immigrants brought culture and economy

The land seeds opportunities, the water connects our people

Nobody should be drawn away, we seek happiness, states philosophy


Politics versus religion battle wars over simple terms

Instead of seeking the values and purpose addressed constitutionally

We represent every letter inscripted that when missing raises concerns


Overwhelmed by violence, tragedy, poverty, and disaster

Beauty of our natural flow in the world becomes unnoticed

Sacrificing lives to make it correct, obeying the powerful Master


Watching the skies filled with sunlight and lands with animals

Demonstrates simplicity and beauty that our nation still contains and adores

Does the possibility exist to imitate this love in every remote capitol?


The stripes and stars scream racism and unforgettable stereotypes

The growing Melting Pot remains frozen from all the corruption

Humanity has imposed this on itself which opposes to America’s archetype


In all the struggles there must be positivity and leadership for children’s eyes

Generations will pass, history will become rich with significant stories to tell

America is land of the brave and free like watching millions of butterflies


What happens on the flag’s soil has a great impact on humanity

Values, rights, culture, diversity and life must be protected

No matter who governs our nation, working together cannot go in vanity


America is not the mask with negative and narcissistic behaviors  

Our flag still needs stitching for the strips to line up horizontally

The people can transform these masks to create a land much greater


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My community
My country
Our world
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