OG life

They ran up in his place. And shot him in his face. Snatched his wife out the bed. And told her to open up the safe. Kids burst into the room crying. While their dad laid on the floor dying. They got what they wanted and still didn't care. The neighbors heard three more shots. So that meant they left 4 lifeless bodies there. 2 black males founded dead on the little block and 1 cop shot. Pastor on the television screaming for the violence's to stop. Them youngies any tryin to hear that. They Say Unc speak that lingo. Fascinated by the tales of the Boyz in the Hood that was letting that thing go. I try to tell them about the right and the wrong way. But here is what they say. Yea Unc but when you was young. You used to carry them guns. You was on the block clocking them ones. I'll tell them I don't disagree but this not about me. I say Nephew we live and we learn we watch the world turn. The streets is the fire that will leave your life burned. I want you to aspire to a higher desires. They tell me I'm the one they admire. Because they know I don't want to see their life on theses streets expire. I'll always take the time to put some real thoughts on their mind. Can't be Big Unc and leading your nephew's blind.🐰💋😷🙊🙉🙈🎩🙏🕊️🌄🌹

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