Sat, 01/10/2015 - 08:34 -- bemni

It's ok to feel offbeat.

The rhythm of life doesn't quite mesh with yours
You feel others rushing past
Friends become strangers 
Strangers, aliens 
Though you are more alien than most
With your 4 am parties 
And rather strange family
Being offbeat is  easier for you
Than finding a way to sync yourself 
It's ok to fear the ones that hate you
Or let your demons tell you they do
As long as you chain them away
And kick 'em in the face
Just for good measure
Because you're not perfect
But you're not broken glass
Though the shards are as sharp as your wit
And glass reflects just as you do love
It's ok if your poems are long and boring
If putting a pen to paper
Or finger to your phone 
Helps you realize your worth
Then write what you can 
Until the worth of those pages
Rivals the weight of your tears shed
Until then 


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