Ode to Soccer

Every time I step on the field
My mind is set on the game
I don't pay attention to anyone else besides
My team and I
When the whistle blows
I am on my toes getting ready
For the ball to come by me
As soon as the ball come towards me
I make a quick move around a player
The player just stands there like a brick wall amazed on

What I just did to them, as I'm dribbling down the field
I see the goal. I set up my shot and when I
Look down I see the ball smiling at me
Saying that this is my chance to score
I fire at the ball and it goes sailing to
The upper corner of the goal
My teammates congratulates me and the
Sidelines gets crazy. jumping up and down
Now I reset my mind and get focused again
I feel unstoppable and this why I love the game of soccer


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