Ode to Salt Spring Island

The sun shines forever

Sweet smell in the wind

Still, quiet.


Waves crash against the rocks

But are silenced, by that of the quiet talk of the people.


The Grass is wet with dew

Birds sing in the trees

Sea surrounds.


Merry travelers,

Bustle to and fro

Ferry lights glisten,



The Markets are a buzz

Their Clothes,

Rainbows of light

In that place, I know

Peace forever abides.


Thank you Saltspring

For being the place that I have loved

Thank you Saltspring

For being the arms I have taken shelter in

The most beautiful place I have been.


Thank you SaltSpring

For being so open and breezy

Thank you Saltspring

For being my inspiration

The place that brings me such elation.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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