Ode to the Rainbow

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 10:00 -- vann116

Here’s to the girl that wakes up and doesn’t like the feeling of thongs or cheekies or bikini style underwear.


Here’s to the boys who wake up and want to wear that red lipstick they saw on their mom’s lips.


Here’s to the boy who wears pink and the girl who wears blue.

Here’s to the unidentified…


Who wake up and

Dress how they please

Walk how they please

Talk how they please

And be who they please.


Here’s to all the colors in the world, there’s not enough for all of us.

Here’s to the letters in the alphabet, but we are more than just a syllable in the acronym that defines our community.


Oh…and, ummm…thanks for the plus sign.


Here’s to Pride!

All the people dressed up in various forms of the rainbow, as we walk down endless streets flaunting who we are.

Here’s to the drag kings and the drag queens who draw their cat eyes like a boss


Here’s to the heterosexuals who support us and the parents that understand that we want what every other human want—

To love and be loved by others and ourselves.


Here’s to the government who finally understood that we deserve a ring on our finger and the opportunity to make the choice of what bathroom we will use.


Here’s an ode to the rainbow and every form of it.

Here’s to the kids and the adults who are out and the ones who aren’t ready…take your time. You can’t rush perfection.

Here’s to


He, him, his

She, her, her’s

They, them


Here’s to the people…cause that’s exactly what we are. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



i love this...


Thank you!!

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