Ode To Nathalie


Nathalie was created by an insecure misplacement.
Never expected that she would fall for that arrangement,
but the benefits were adjacent to her current location.
Unaware that her judgement would soon prove to be mistaken,
but she act like she was cool with it,
knew what to do with it, running out of time,
so she couldn't act a fool with it.
Remained a student of the right path learning 'bout the rough
thinking that lessons on this lifestyle would be enough.
Her life was heading towards calamity
living double lives while tryna hold on to her sanity.
Welcome to the stage it's Nathalie Mrs. Vanity.

She walks on to the stage ready to move like in her fantasy
watching hopeless souls waiting to peak under her canopy.
Her feelings start to change she's not at all what she had planned to be,
looks up at the mirrors not at all who she had planned to see.
She looks around the room, but there's just no where to run
and everybody's got their tickets and a pocket full of ones.
In a room full of monsters who just want a little fun
she tries to get up out this hell hole
but there's just no where to run
so take it off just take it off.

Just take it off real slow to dance to the rhthym of the song
and try to be the type of girl that every man preys on.
Two more songs pass through and now your set is finally done,
so she rush into the stall so she can count up all her funds.
Wishin & hopin at that moment the fat lady would've sung.
Rolls a spliff & takes a hit cause this is only day one

She says she does the sacred dance of Oshun Orisha.
Who cares about unhappiness the money will keep ya.
Club jammed pack with high rollers & skeezers,
but who gives a damn cause their sins'll feed ya.
Resume on file you a professional pleaser,
take it off real slow you a professional teaser i see ya
so this is what you do with your leisure?
In the club making your ass shake like its havin a seizure.
I know it's real confusing but it's about to get deeper,
cause Nathalie is just a stage name for Rasheidah.


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