Ode to my Mother

This is for you Mother
I wish you were here today
I know you really would care for me
I know that you would feel my pain.
I know I would feel okay
If you would tell me everything would be okay.

This is for you, my true love
This is for you dear Lupita.
I know you would hold me in your arms
I know you would caress my cheeks
And kiss my hair.
I know that you needed me
I know I needed you more.
I need you now
Where are you?

I am listening to the Credence Water Revival
your favorite band.
The tunes make me go
deeper and deeper into your essence.
I see you dancing to the “Cotton Fields”
I see you smiling
I can smell your Gardenias’ perfume.

The way you raised me
So proper
So caring
So perfect.
The thought of my mother being a hippie
Oh no!

Here it comes “Down On The Corner” song.
Yeah, you knew how to move!
Your curly brown hair seemed to dance
following your amazing body curves
which I have always wished to have.

I see you sometimes in the mirror
I resemble you so much
and then I feel so beautiful because
I feel I am looking at you
and you are the most beautiful woman my eyes have seen!
Your beautiful eyes
Your perfect fine nose
Your fun freckles that you tried so hard to hide.
I do the same…

I always wanted to be so beautiful like you
So happy
So nice
So caring.
I think I have so much of you
and just by having your memories
I feel I have enough love, beauty, and care
to keep me going through the storms
life brings me.

I am strong
I am gentle
I am a survivor
I am a warrior
I am a woman
I am a mother
I am a perfect woman
Because of you
Because you cared for me
Because I was your true love too.

By Teteoninan ~ August 30, 2016

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My family
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