Ode To My Future

Dear Me,  Hello, my troubled temptress,Goodbye, oh youthful yearnings,Greetings, deathly desires,Farewell, fated fallacies,  I wish you good fortune in life,Good fertility in love,  Oh, how it hurts my heartTo see one cry so very much,For I wish that you gain a family,A husband, a son, and a daughter, too.A dog, a puppy, a bachelors, too.  I wish that this wretched world can one day find peace,That arms may be laid fast asleep,Away, oh Doomsday! You fowl beast, you crooked face!The world was made good, But turned evil, greedy, cruel, disgraced. You are too good for this world,Too pure in spirit,Too sparkling in presence. No, this is not a matriarchy,My world is still trapped in the overwhelming patriarchy,And yours will be too,For women will never get the chance to ruleWithout a male scratching at her back,Clawing at her brain,Chasing her down the track,Begging her to grant them wishes, When all that they can offer her are kisses. Women have gentle hearts.A trait diminutive in this deadly globe,Women wear their crowns so very high,Yet are always the first that are condemned to die,They are torn apart, screamed at,Raped, taken for granted, mouths left agape. I have gotten a bit off track, But you must understand,In the future of the U S of A,I am not granted the luxury of the InternetTo write multiple soliloquies, letters, messages to the future,For our right of free speech was snatched from us,Because three Republicans voted it so,The riots did nothing, the protests did, too,And now I must leave, For my time here is through. Good Luck,Your Future Self


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