Ode to my Bed


United States
38° 14' 14.2296" N, 77° 8' 54.6576" W

Your spring-screams that day
echoing through the walls
made me a victim of rape in all ways
and changed everything for me; you of all things.

For a while, you were no longer the sandman’s wife
or my pasture to count sheep.
You transformed into my basinet,
the only place where I could weep.

Now, you are a place of silken tranquility;
A spot where I can now escape.
I no longer look at your clouds with hostility,
because your embrace now keeps me safe.

College life allows me to appreciate you more.
I venture home after class and relax.
Late night drinks and cute boys; you must think I’m a whore,
As your surface changes due to our motion picture impacts.

I fall asleep in your dormant plane
as you fly me into my dreams.
I’ll wake up in the future, away from the past
as I stumble out in your comfortable time machine.

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