An Ode to Me

My spirit emanates positive vibes through me. Good nature so pure it shines bright for all to see that its a genuine part of me.

Standing tall against all odds, never folding. Doing what needs to be done without another having to tell me, that's integrity.

Motivates others to embrace the best parts of themselves. All insight provided are embraced and recieved well.

A lover of books, I've read plenty, more than a few shelves. My life is like a movie, I'm writing it in poetry, maybe one day adorning shelves.

A natural beauty requiring no external additives or additions. No makeup, no perms, no filters or wigs there's no room for imitation.

Versed in the fine art of formal education, first in the family earn a master's degree. Honorably served my country as a combat medic, one tour to Iraq partially disabled me both medical and mentally.

No matter the destination no one can take these triumphs away from me. I will be an army veteran and social worker to the death of me.

I may not perfect or better than another, but I'm definitely a limited edition. I'm comfortable with speaking publicly, people are attentive and listen to me.

If blessed with the privilege of being in my presence, you have been gifted indeed. No one can do me better than I do me. I love me!

Loving, caring, and one of the humblest of hearts. I walk in my testimony. Wearing my scars like roadmaps through the pain that tried and failed horribly to break me.

Eyes cutting like knives and seducing you at the same time. Im seeing the world as an overall good place from these eyes of mine.

Girl you fine with your feminine lines, full hips, and feline eyes. The line is long of men and women hoping and wishing to get in between these thighs.

Pay attention to details keeps my mind sharp allowing the Young Dolphin to compete and defeat the Card Shark. Daddy always said I was smarter than he wassnd that I had "that spark" from the start.

I must remind myself that I'm a queen, better yet, a goddess. Never arrogant, conceited, or believe I am better or more deserving of His many blessings than the rest of us.

The way my faith set up, it me won't allow me to stray too far into the dark. No one, including my worse self can control or destroy this seasoned heart.

A heart that has plenty of scrapes and bruises, maybe a few scars, but no one and nothing will dim this spark in me. This poem is an ode to me for taking the first steps toward forgiving and renewing the love I have for the woman I am, was, and becoming.

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