Ode To The Man I Used To Be

The poetry filled with dark crashing waves and titled so many times with her name is now gone.

The emptiness created by such powerful words has faded.

Things that would create craters in my skin leaving marks in its past now only graze me in passing.

The walls have been placed. Fortified by confidence and self strength.

I stand tall.

The smile that faded from my lips so long ago now cringes at the corners of my mouth waiting for the perfect opportunity to take full effect.

Laughter now fills my lungs, rather than heavy breathing followed with painful sighs.

I no longer cry at the pain that I’ve felt.

No, I smile and say that it’ll be alright.

Now I will write about stupid things, but baby thats ok.

My words may no longer speak of pouring rain and unbreakable umbrellas, but they will touch the laughter of those that hear them.

They will no longer bring life to painful memories of pasts.

No, they will bring beautiful ideas of things to come.

I shall be me again, because for too long the comfort of your presence created the reliance I have on you in order to be happy.

Now I will be happy for me because of me.

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