Ode to Mae

Dr. Mae Carol Jemison 

is who I look up to

An African American Astronaut 

there’s only been a few

October 17 was the day of her birth 

And her family always knew 

she would orbit the Earth

A high school graduate 

at the age of 16  

This extraordinary astronaut

 was really quite keen

Her favorite hobby

 was to explore the Milky Way

But on the weekends 

she always saved time for ballet

The Endeavor is

 like her best friend

It helped her complete her mission

 from day 1 till the end

Looking out the window

 she saw all the star formations

She saw the Big Dipper 

one of the famous constellations

Her rocket danced

 among the shining stars

And as it passed the planets

 it said goodbye and waved to Mars

Her ambition is 

a blazing shooting star

Without it

 she wouldn’t have gotten this far

From her dance, doctorate, 

and many achievements from above,

She’s my biggest inspiration

that I can do all the things I love.

This journey showed 

that she was brave and smart

And this poem showed 

that space can be turned into art


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