Ode to a Loved One

I see you there,

standing in the wind.

Your beautiful hair,

the soft locks that frame your delicate face.

You turn to me


as your dark eyes sparkle with glee.

You embrace me,

surrounding me with your warmth.

The softness of your touch,

I yearn for that warmth.

The immense love that floods,

the rush I get when I’m near you

the sweet



The soft suppleness of your lips on mine.

Your calming scent that places me into instant


The deepness of your voice,

the velvety richness of your voice.

The notes that you create

the sweet bass sounds that send me into


The way you treat me,

the kindness in your words,

the sweetness in your voice.

The way you cause me to melt

and draw me closer to you.

The way you make me love you

and adore you

over and over again.

Forever yearning for your touch.

The love we share

as if it was graced from


You sweet angel

 you beautiful gift from god

saving me from myself.

My saving grace.

.Forever love will flow on

never fading away,

only to grow stronger.

Thank you for it all,

My sweet, kind and loving


This poem is about: 
My community


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