ode to the fragile

Ode to the fragile

never so loved 

as when you 

are breaking down 


Not careful 

but cautious enough

with knife games

and all of that stuff


She was like a coffee bean 

never, never changing 

And when on came the boiling water

she went, and she made it better 


No, she wasn't fragile

Strong as can be

So much more

so much, much more

So much more than me


Because I am breakable 

falling apart 

in my spare time 

the blood is invisible 

but I bleed it all the same 


Lovely, lovely 

lovable girl 

sleeps at night 

and in the days

doesn't really want them to ask 

whether or not she's okay


I see the waves 

in the ocean 

powerful, powerful

they keep powering through 


sweet life 

so fragile 

But never as fragile as you



This poem is about: 
My community


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