"Ode to the Forest"

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 13:11 -- EHa19



“Ode to the Forest”


O, the forest, so full of life and wonder,

Every shade of color imaginable, with many tints of green, yellow, and brown, and blue,

The small, seldom life of a butterfly, the squirm of a worm, and the song of a bird,

The iridescent flow of a river, a soothing lyric to the soul.


Trees so tall, close to the heavens,

Branches like wings of an eagle, reaching up and down towards the heavens, as the wind whistles through its


Sky above so high, yet the eye is blinded by the burning sun; only seeing streams of light pierce through the leaves,

Painting the ground a soft green.


Earth so moist, and soft,

Earth has a hidden realm to it,

Like sand, with unknown rocks, until the foot strikes.

Fallen trees over rocks and rivers, a natural bridge to the other side,

A natural path of life.


Plants, insects, animals, and flowers of every kind,

Butterflies, birds, deer, and wildflowers all around,

All around to greet you.

The wonders of the world, so delicate to touch and so easy to break,


The crispness of the air, the view of the trees,

The wind in your hair,

The glow of your surroundings,

All of the things of nature for you to take in,



But maybe taking in all of the beauty of the forest,

Is for one to stand alone,

The appreciation of the silence is one to hold.


The forest is the most living world around,

Everything is unified,

Everything is due to the Ode,

To the Ode of the Forest.



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