Ode to Drumsticks

Wooden, metal, they’re every kind,

People search from store to store just

to find

The right one because to me you’re all

I need

To win any competition with angelic


When I use you to hit every tom-tom

and snare,

I feel liberated, like a tortoise finally

catching its hare.

The music we make together is like

none other,

It unites all people, no matter their


It’s amazing how someone could craft

Something so smooth and unique,

You help me to minister to souls

With each and every beat.

You travel from church to church,

rock star to rock star,

With love, devotion, and sweat you

are marred.

The sticks guide me to express and


Those words that no human can say.

Through you I find escape,

Calm as the sea,

Through you I reveal my story: me


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