Ode to the Classroom.


Ode to the classroom!
A place where boredom and illiteracy thrive!
A place so dismal and inept,
can even the most awake of us survive?
With flickering lights,
 and whitewashed walls,
it’s no wonder why time just crawls.
With row after row of identical desks,
and a board as scuffed as the floor,
The only question I have to ask is;
would someone please show me the door?

Ode to the teacher!
Upon who all the students mock!
They point and laugh, snigger and smirk,
they must put him in quite the shock.
With a trembling voice
and a shaking hand,
it’s a wonder how he can even stand!
With a disorganized desk
and coffee stained shirt,
Good gracious;
This lesson is polluted dirt.

Ode to the student!
For whom procrastination is life!
He who waits and waits and waits,
creating nothing but strife.
With sagging jeans
and other habits just SO rad…
Oh wait, no, it’s just another fad.
With an attitude so poor
and bad mouth so “cool”,
Yeah, you’re right;
He really is quite the fool.

Ode to the life we all hold for granted!
To the future that none can fix!
We just sit and wait and wait and sit,
while away the clock still ticks!
It’s time to take,
take what we want,
take what we truly need!
A serious, caring frame of mind,
without which we can't succeed.

Can you see?
Am I heard?
Or… what is the word…
lost upon the sea?

It’s your future,
my little reader.
Take it while you can. 


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