Ode To a Cannoli


Dearest cannoli, of chocolatey lore

I could never desire but anything more

Than your sugary goodness, so wonderfully sweet,

I could never imagine a more fetching treat


With the finest chocolate chips encrusted

And powdered sugar finely dusted

filling white and a crust of gold

You are beauty to behold


Sweet cream enveloped dessert delight

Paradise in every bite

Oh, how you make me salivate

My love for you shall not abate


Decadence fit for a king

A single bite and angels sing

Your flavors blend to make one merry

Cannoli, you’re extraordinary


I do not care what says the scale

Cannolis I will still inhale

Some manage one, but I could eat seven,

Cannoli, you take me to glycemic heaven


Dearest cannoli, you wonderous confection

I could go on about your perfection

But I do grow hungry, don’t be mad, I entreat you,

For I think it is time that I finally eat you!




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