Ode to a Bumblebee


I hear your heavy, beating wings

That fill the warm summer air. 

Some hide in fear of your stings.

However your flight is a glorious affair.

Watching you; full of fuzz

As you glide through the air. Buzz, buzz.


I follow your bright yellow and black rings.

As I try to see where your path leads.

Finally, I see that sweets are what you bring,

While you spread the beautiful flower seeds.

Out of the air you descend, quickly fallen.

But for cause, you are collecting pollen.


Alas, dear Bee, there is one tragic plight.

Though sadly most will give a cheer

As you are slapped, midair, from your majestic flight

Because of a human's predetermined fear.

Forgive him; He knows not what he has done.

He only thinks, "Oh, I've only killed one".


But that killing ended the sound of heavy wings.

No longer will that Bee plant beautiful flowers.

He now knows Death's cold sting,

Along with a human's abuse of power.

Pity to see the flight come to a full stop,

As out of the air, the Bee drops.


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