The Ocean and you

If tears are only saltwater streaks,

then my heart must be as wide and deep

as the ocean

and just as rough and salty. 

The waves are crashing  against me,

but I only feel numb now.


At first the spray stung 

and the sand scraped my cheek

as I was hurled against the shore. 

I only feel hollow now

as a beachouse in the spring,

after the snowbirds have flown away.

Every passing glance used to be stronger then a riptide,

the undertow pulling me to you.

You used to be my sun and moon;

the current of my life.


But currently I feel empty as a polished shell,

hold me close and you can still hear 

my faint heart throbbing 

I always felt like I was drowning, 

a sinking vessel with a heart of lead

fighting against the sea, sails snapping.  

You spotted me, my lighthouse keeper

but you kept your brightness to yourself and let me drown. 

And now I feel i've finally hit the bottom. 


If this is the end now,

then let it end.

Let the wind howl!

For I will howl with it

Bring on the storm!

for I will rage with it.

I will ride every crest 

and carve your name in the shore.  

I have weathered your love

and I have come to

cherish this watery embrace.


 Only the echo,

the dutchman of my heart, 

 sails on, captained by autopilot,

while the rest of me lies 

20,000 leagues under.  

The scattered wreckage

a memorial  that will vanish with time

and repitition.  







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Really and truly



Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and that someone else actually reads these. :)

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