Ocean Admiration

The ocean is deceiving 

Shorline thin and simple.

As you swim deeper

The greater it grows.


Grasping and releasing, 

It shows off its power

The infinite waves crash, 

forward and back

in a repetitive flow.

The ocean is conceited,

Believes it can get away with anything, 

throws tsunamis,

and deaths among you.


The ocean plans your beginning and your end,

lures you back in,

to spit you back out,


you're a part of the destruction,

because god knows,

what enters,

can't escape.


This ocean holds undiscovered secrets and beauty

throughout its history and love,

the more searched,

the more discovered.

If one too deep, one will be lost in this deceiving mystery

if one too high one will not know about the mystery,

the mystery that has been left to be discovered,

to be resolved,


and you,

you're like the ocean.

And I,

I am so desperate to drown


-Angelina Luz

This poem is about: 
Our world


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