There goes Hansel and there goes Gretel, 

the two who are known for their walks in the woods they go so many times a week,

too many to count.

But someone else goes with them, someone who Hansel and Gretel don't know about.

She's always there, watching. 

Hansel and Gretel have always been clueless until one dreadful day.

"Hansel? Hansel, where are you?" Gretel looks around for her brother who was

supposed to be hiding, but Hansel has been hiding far to long. 

"Hansel!" Gretel is frantically pacing for Hansel now, Hansel is no where to be seen!

Until Gretel does her mix of turning left, then right, then left again. She has turned past a tree

to see this house, a new house that was never here before. 

"A house in the middle of the woods?" Gretel questions the small house that looks to be made out of all 


"Hansel?" Gretel steps closer to the deep black house. She's now standing at the door staring in a window.

"Gretel." Gretel turns around quickly to see Hansel standing a few yards away with obsidian black eyes.

Gretel has no time to react to Hansel when the door of the obsidian house opens and she pushed in.

"Bye Bye, Gretel."


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