An Observer's Desire

How I envy you, wanderer, how I envy your every move, your every emotion, your every thought.

How I envy your paradise to have the stars themselves cover you as you wander eternally. 

How I envy your eyes for taking in such breathtaking beauty and such horrific experiences. 

How I envy your nose your breathing in such aroma of nature and city,

how I envy your ears, the appreciation of a silent winter on a small country road, to the harmonious din of a summers avenue.

How I envy your back for carrying such a load such a long way only stopped by the shackles of food and drink. 

How I envy your legs for being battered and broken, how I envy your feet for being split and aching,

how I envy your hands, feeling such idyllic wonders as the bark of a tree, the soft of a beast, the warm, comforting touch of a woman.  

How I envy your heart, for being pulled and tugged in so many directions, seeing injustice daily, knowing better that eradication is…impossible.

How I envy your brain, how I envy its innate ability to put one foot in front of the other eternally,

without the granted luxury of a comforting hand, a companion, a warm breeze, a friend to listen.

How I envy your pain, wanderer. How I envy the sights you see, the emotions you feel,

the courage you hold and covet daily as you rise to leave us, going into the darkness with head held high and doubtful on-lookers shamed.

The stars as your brothers and friend, and the tree and stream as your pets,

you leave the comfort many cannot live without, all to find the life we all dream about. How I envy you, wanderer, how I envy you. 


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