Objects in the Mirror

Driving recklessly in reverse,

I’m speeding ‘til I crash

I’m staring in the mirror

Fate on the wheel, feet on the dash


I don’t want to grow up,

But adulthood is closer than it appears

I’m almost 18 now.

When do I get my beard?


I spun out of control,

I’m not even facing forward

My petrol is running low,

I’m inching like a tortoise


How do they move so fast?

How do they know these roads?

Do they have directions

That I was never owed?


Am I worthy of a future?

To be or not to be?

Imposter syndrome will shoot ‘cha

I seek to fill a niche.


I’m getting left behind,

My windshield is growing blurry

How do I make it clearer?

Is everyone aligned?

they speed, growing nearer and nearer

As time goes on it seems I am the only one

Who is lost inside the mirror.

This poem is about: 
Our world



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