I would start from the beginning

I would end the beginning of sinning

Eve would not have listened to the snake

Man would not be punished for her mistake



I would change her decision

Instead of disobeying the Creator

She would shun the trickster, the faker


Once her mistake is undone

 The whole world can undo

The whole world can un-sin

Even now

Even me

Even you


If there was no sin

There would be no sin

No story of Cain and Able

Just Cain and his brother Able


There would be no murder or death

Nor a person called the Night Stalker

Would be known as Richard Ramirez


Three hundred years of slavery

The Holocaust

Mary and her baby


There would be none

It would be undone

He would not have had to send His son


If only Eve were obedient

If only the world can see again

See how it was before the sin and the serpent


Can you imagine a world without it?

Just love, joy, and peace

Overwhelming and bursting at the seems

Love, Joy and Peace


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