Palms fit flesh against warm wood

coaxing steel melodies from worn strings

softened by hands and time

bend and dip to sound out twisting whispers

as the body creaks and sighs with age and noise

fill up its hollow cavity with dancing demons

the ones that lived in my head and are racing

Fire Bright

through my veins and out crooked hands

to possess this objectified Soul of mine

in a fit of Madness

so divine

like moonshine on the water

that laps



all around this little Inverted Parody

this oasis of sand in the blue

while my mind slips away in the night

and sails to another Shore

long forgotten

but warm and familiar

maybe the place I used to be

with this old wood carcass I resurrect with my hands


maybe I'll see it again when the wind and sun strip my brittle bones

but in this little vignette all I need is


to fit my palms flesh against warm wood

and coax steel melodies from worn strings for all these

demons to dance by

these demons of Mine.

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