O’ Childhood

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 16:58 -- lub19


O’ childhood, you are gone like a feather that blew away in the wind.

The years ran by and took away my endless carefree days of playing around.

“Why did you sprint so fast and where did you go without me?”

You are a cloud that washed away in the blue sky gone forever…

My youth disappeared like the Malaysian plane into the vast, deep ocean of memories.

The days of my mom treating me to doughnuts; now I am the one who is selling the doughnuts to her.

Toys lying dusty and broken in a corner with the echo children’s laughter.

As comets fly through the sky you hurtle through the sky leaving but a wisp in its wake.

A charming story book closing all too soon many new chapters beginning.

That storybook smiling as it remembers giggles and lollipops; tears and bloody knees; mother’s arms and father’s lap.

O’ childhood, you warm me up when the chill of sadness slams into me.

Once you were everything to me; now you are a long distance friend.

When I reach out for you, you slip away far remaining mystically elusive.

If I could only step into that story book for one day and relive those moments.

O’ childhood, return to me from time to time so I can feel what it is to be innocent and carefree for those brief moments.

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