an army of the ugly, charged with structured thought, taught to teach brands upon our brains
march through our minds to master our imagination, mocking mother earth's memory of the
invitation to the greatness of our faces without faces - our eyes without eyes

once upon a time we died, now they arise - fascist connection of wires, tempting our senses
to expire and rot
and from the mold grow molds around our souls
to hold every instinct of electric extinction within a briefcase of higher madness in the hands
of the madman who wrote the lines from which we hang
a blowing mechanism of wrinkled linens whose hot irons won't unravel the web of desire
that trapped we thirsty spiders in the sticky discharge of our own bums

run, run, run, Forest Gump of society and find a field to count to Wake Away
from this menagerie of menaces to alacrity, who
seeing sparks of humanity construct circuit boards to worship
Demanding all authority to a god of remark[et]able character sketched
from calloused fingertips identically smeared with frail perscriptions of anti-oblivion existence
that symptomatically dissolve irksome endurance to anticipate waves
of indestructable insanity
destroying hope, sucking life, damning eternity.



the words

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