Now (adverb)- at the present time or moment

There are times when we sit,

And when we wait,

Pleading to the unknowing 

For the time to tick by,

For another life, another year, anything but



When we fall to our knees and plead for 

Winter to be summer

And August to be July,

When we want to swap months 

With other moments of our life.

Regardless if we are going backward or forward

Past or future, we just want anything but



And when winter fades and spring rains 

We understand we feel much the same,

Our hopes and dreams blow like the leaves

Our regrets bloom like daffodils in glee,

And poor desperate desire curls around us like ivy.

But for all of our time spent begging for another life

We don’t know how to live 



A weight may crush us,

Pain may take us,

Grief may break us,

And sadness may kiss us,

And we so dearly want it to all be gone,

For those moments of sorrow to end

And fade, 

sometimes it is too much to be right here, right



But while we wish for many things

Reach for them constantly,

But even in uncertainty

We don't have to fix everything.

It may hurt

But when you are in the moment, in the now

It is easier if you let it all out-

The guilt, the pain, the heartbreak,

The joy, the loss, the loneliness.

So let July be July

Let August be August

Time is at its kindest 

When you let it grow to its moment, 

let now be



Stop for a second

Look to the sky as it smiles down 

Caressing the contours of the earth and

Breathe, live, and for once 

Let us be us, 

Let you be you,

And let me be me-

We do not live in the past, 

We do not live in the future

We are here, 

We are





This poem is about: 
Our world


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