There’s something in the air today.

Or is it somewhere else?

Perhaps it’s not in what I breathe,

But inside of me myself.


I have my lazy moments.

I procrastinate, I slack.

But now a fiery spark’s been lit,

my slothfulness is cracked.


I was anxious of the future,

And stuck on yesterday.

But now I know there is no then.

Just now, and just today.


I’m finally awake! I feel.

Where has my life been spent?

Asleep and lost inside a dream,

Knee-deep in wet cement.


But now that I know better,

My eyes are open wide.

Now’s the time to shift my sights,

Repave the roads I ride.


So do not sit around, my friend,

Till someone cracks the whip.

Get up and change those sails yourself,

Be captain of your ship!



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