November Saturday

Sat, 02/13/2016 - 19:28 -- Tori W.

So lay yourself beside me love,

and let's spend these lonely hours as one


Part your sweet lips

and invite me in

I fell my head begin to spin as

slowly, like fresh honey,

I'm sinking into your electric touch


Pull the white sheets

over our drowsy heads

Enjoy this

while we're young


I miss you like the sun

when the light no longer shines

on my eager face

Come sweep me into your embrace;

I am yours, faithfully


Fingertips trace outlines

stronger than memory;

your light, gentle touch

makes me feel like a dream

worth more than joy


I've loved you in your tears,

And I've loved you in your pride

Whether in pain or gain, sunshine or rain,

I cherish you just the same


But just for now,

before this sleepy city stirs,

allow me to whisper aloud

these thoughts that tease my foogy head


Gently I kiss your eyes,

so you may see

through this protective disguise

in which the world hides her bare spirit


Come witness the stars

that tangle in the void

Never have I failed to delight

in their patient wisdom


Walk upon the mountainside

and hear the sounds that hush

over the weathered rocks


All these things evoke wonder

and awe in my mind

But no greater gift I could seek

than the love you give to me


I will hold you forever, and when you leave

I shall wait until you return


You look at me now,

and your eyes burn my heart

with words that can't be expressed

by pen or tongue


Now, we sleep away

this gray November Saturday

and murmur stories into the dark


You and I

and some distant sunrise,

and a bed shared between two...


That is enough for now.



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