Nothing of Purpose?

Always. Always always always. When one question is answered it brings millions of new questions that you weren't even aware of until you reached it. What happens in a black hole? Well, when you enter a black hole, you will find the answer, but then it will and how, and why, and what is the purpose behind it. Why do we need there to be purpose to everything?

As human beings, we are so scared of the purpose being nothing. But, what if there's nothing wrong with there being nothing? It's a lot more relaxing than some of theories, to tell the truth.

Sitting there, floating in the black hole... where space is supposed to taste like raspberries and there's supposed to be whole galaxies made of alcohol. Do you think there are things that are actually living in space? Like, *in space*. Organisms that have no planet or Star or moon, but are born and bred and live in the liquidous fabric of the universe.

When I think of that, I usually imagine aquatic animals, like octopi or whales.


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