Sat, 01/30/2016 - 23:31 -- pdowker

You my dear are nothing

Nothing I say.


Not royalty

Not human

Not an animal

And most certainly not a soul


Her mother speaks:

You will never amount to anything

What am I to be proud of

Nothing but a whore

Nothing but an insult

Not my daughter


Purple and black begin to appear across the canvas

Scars and scapes reveal themseves on the surface

You are fading  my dear

Shadows haunt the empty house

Searching for light to take but realize

Light is non-exsitant here

Her light has already been taken


Sirens alarm

Her last breath is taken

She is no where to be found

While her eyes are shut closed she pictures

A better life, One to look forward to

Not one to fear


That mother that had no reguards


Her father slienced

She smiles.

Out of all that nothing

She finally became something

More alive then ever


Only a dream she awakes

You my dear are still nothing






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