Note to Self

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 01:37 -- tuanle

Dear the future me,


I know you think

You're in a dark place,

But this is nothing

Compared to the incoming

Brace yourself,

Whatever is happening to you,

They are not going to 

Knock you down,

Beat you up,

Or close the door in front of you.

Maybe the door is intended to close,

maybe it's not the right one for you, 

maybe you need to open a better one.

Enjoy yourself,

Have some fun while you can,

so you don't regret when you can't.

Cheer yourself,

At the end of the day,

you're the only there for you,

no one will know you,

or understand you,

or try to be with you,

you are your only hope.

Stand by yourself,

No one will fight for you,

even with you,

you are your only warrior.

And sometime,

you need to spend time 

crying with yourself,

Let those emotions

drown you to dead,

sing you to sleep,

so tomorrow you'll forget

about how hurt 

and painful you are.

Keep believing in yourself,

or just be yourself.

These are some notes

for you, 

Find and read

Whenever you are down.


From the past me




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